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Human Centric Innovation- Digital Co-Creation

The Fujitsu World Tour 2017 – the world’s largest event of its kind with more than 14,000 participants on 6 continents.
Experience the Fujitsu World Tour and the Innovation Gathering 2017 in one of the most extraordinary locations in Europe.
In The station Berlin,a unique atmosphere and in a listed architecture from 1875,where  past and new concepts and themes meet.


The FUJITSU World Tour 2017 takes place in the STATION Berlin . The central and international hotspot for events and congresses represents a flagship of the Berlin’s event calendar. Not only the location, but also the listed architecture give the former station a special importance.

The former postal station has been used for numerous events since the decommissioning and is considered to be one of the most extraordinary venues in Europe. STATION-Berlin sees itself as a hub for innovative products and concepts. New technologies, digital society and mobility 3.o are topics that are heard regularly in the station.

Still a pivotal point for great events and ideas

The former postal station was one of the most important hubs for parcels and goods from all over the world until the end of the 1990s. Until the Second World War, it was the largest German parcel post office, since 1997 it has convinced by the size, location and finally the accessibility as an attractive venue. The impulsive gates through which once the locomotives drove, as well as the typical architecture of the station, still remind us of the past of the station.

Whereas in the past there were still packages and goods, today it is a venue for innovative products, concepts and ideas.

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Take the line U1, or U2 and leave the train at „U-Bhf Gleisdreieck“

Take the lines S1, S2, S25, S26 and leave the train at „S-Bhf Anhalter Bahnhof“.

Take the busline 248 and leave the bus at „Möckernstraße“. After that around 8 Min. Walk.

By plane:

Ab Flughafen Tegel (click for Google Maps):

  • Distance 11,6 Kilometer
  • Travel time 20-25 Minuten
  • Taxi fares 25 Euro

Ab Flughafen Schönefeld (click for Google Maps):

  • Distance 22 Kilometer
  • Travel time 25-30 Minuten
  • Taxi fares 40 Euro

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